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A Minute With Martin

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A Minute With Martin


From Luther’s Sermon for Christmas Day on Luke 2:1-14

“This Gospel is so clear that it requires very little explanation, but it should be well considered and taken deeply to heart; and no one will receive more benefit from it than those who, with a calm, quiet heart, banish everything else from their mind, and diligently look into it. It is just as the sun which is reflected in calm water and gives out vigorous warmth, but which cannot be so readily seen nor can it give out such warmth in water that is in roaring and rapid motion.

Therefore, if you would be enlightened and warmed, if you would see the wonders of divine grace and have your heart aglow and enlightened, devout and joyful, go where you can silently meditate and lay hold of this picture deep in your heart, and you will see miracle upon miracle. But to give the common person a start and a motive to contemplate it, we will illustrate it in part, and afterwards enter into it more deeply.”

The sermon this is taken from is quite long (longer than I would normally preach) but don’t let that deter you from reading it. In it, Luther goes to great lengths to explain various aspects of the Nativity story from a number of angles. Yet he knows that all the explanations of this short and simple passage from St. Luke’s gospel are meaningless if the hearers/readers don’t take the time to quietly reflect on the story.

So if you aren’t inclined to read Luther’s sermon in its entirety, find a quiet place and at least read the Gospel passage: Luke 2:1-14

And then amidst the hustle and hurry of this holiday season, take some time to prayerfully think about it. It’s only a few verses but as Luther says, if you “…lay hold of this picture deep in your heart, and you will see miracle upon miracle”. The most wondrous miracle being God’s deep and abiding love for us.

God Bless